Bali Cooking Class

Bali Cooking Class “Balinese Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian recipe with organic ingredients”
You are invited to visit cooking classes to learn the secrets of Balinese cuisine.. You now have the opportunity to complete your amazing experience of the Bali Paradise with visiting Bali Cooking Class.
It starts with your chef who will accompany you to the traditional markets in the morning introducing you to the tropical fruits, vegetables and other spices that are used during cooking later in the class. You are then guided go to the rice field to learn the planting process of rice as it is a staple food in Bali. After that you will come to the Balinese house compound that is complete with spice plants and vegetables. By their kind heart, my family will teach you in making a Balinese offering ceremony. A great experience and a good way to learn and understand about the beautiful Balinese culture.
Our traditional kitchen and the restaurant lies on the Petanu River bank which provides you with soothing resonance and a good atmosphere. From there, guests can enjoy a truly unique cooking class experience and have fun with Chef Ketut Budi, who with his education and experiences as chef in the several hotels and also gaining invaluable knowledge from his mother will teach you the art of cooking authentic Balinese flavors with local produce where the ingredients are easily found in your country.
You will learn so much in such little time. Chef Ketut and his assistant are very friendly and delightful, and with our talent we will assist you step by step to make Balinese cooking one of your favorite activities in your home after you have finished our course. You’ll learn how to prepare a complete menu including appetizers, main course and dessert. Rest assured with our recipes you will easily be able to duplicate your experience at home for family and friends.
All food will made by your hands. You will then savor the flavors and delights that you made in a dining room with wonderful view of the Petanu River.
Enjoy the unique Balinese culture and experience something different on the island with our experience in cooking. In this program, you will learn more about Balinese spices and have a great opportunity to cook authentic Balinese cuisine and taste delicious meals and while being guided by an authentic Balinese chef.

Home Cooking Class Program

See the unique Balinese culture and experience some thing different on the island through cooking Experience. In this program you
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Menu & Price

Menu Vegetarian Soup Soup Timun (fresh cucumber, black bean in turmeric broth). Salad Tumis Kangkung (Stir Fried Water Spinach). Main
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